Gods and Immortals

The Astrals

The Dragons believe these eight creatures to be the original source of all life in the universe. It is believed that all of the races on the planet can be traced to one of the Astrals, as a sort of creator; it does not appear that the Astrals desire worship, although it is known that all eight have cults that idolize them. They do not grant Divine powers and have no official churches.

The Gods

All divine power is granted by the Gods. Unlike the Astrals, they do desire worship, and (in most cases) they openly encourage people to preach on their behalf.
The Gods are known to be the source of great power, but it is also known, at least to some, that they did not create life or the universe as we now know it. They do take an active interest in concepts and beliefs, as well as actions throughout the world; each God represents a set of related beliefs.

The Immortals

These creatures have achieved immortality – they are unable to die of old age or other natural causes, but have no divine powers of their own, either choosing not to ascend to godhood or otherwise not having the means to do so. They may have worshippers, but they cannot grant any powers to those worshippers.


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