Nations of the Old World

Basic List:
(Work in Progress; names may be changed, descriptions will be added and updated)

Wind Sea
Minos (The Minotaur Empire)
Goldstone Glacier
(Dwarven Nation – N of Arth)
Kappa Imperium
Angeline Oceans
Saiko-Sui Shima (Highwater Archipeligo)
(Dwarven Nation – SW continent)
(Elven Nation – NE of dwarves)

Independent City-States
Port Nelson: A large city, population roughly 150,000

Situated at the northwestern edge of the Old World, this port covers the outermost tip of a peninsula, stretching to the northern and southern shores. The closest nation is the Minos Empire; much of the independent captains and merchants conduct their business here, on neutral ground, rather than risk angering a Minotaur captain or noble in their own lands.

The official government of Port Jasper is a council, elected by the merchants and business owners; only those who are recognized as citizens of Port Jasper are granted a vote. The city officials maintain a fairly detailed census of the city and its merchants, with records held in several different locations and under the control of several different factions to protect the interests of all within the city.

Menka’s Lands
Kirstien Lake
The Vale
Dream States
NWI Headquarters
Mage Alliance

Pharmos Swamp
Centaur Commonwealth
West Plains

Cloudshadow Lake
Kimra’s Lands
Halo Forest
Matafleur Plateau
Gravestone Reef
Elemental Forest

Nations of the Old World

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