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Migrating over from Litheria (D&D 3.5) to the Pathfinder rules.

Welcome to Altera!

Going to be starting the game up ASAP, when we have at least 3 players (aside from GM) with approved characters.

Characters built under my regular house rules (uploaded on The Wiki) starting level 1, Gestalt. If you have special requests let me know.

Modification to House Rules: All characters have day jobs. Yes… you are working-class average people at this point. 1 free skill rank in Profession or Craft (any one) granted for free, on top of all other skill points granted by class and ability scores. These are ONLY granted at level 1 and no additional skill points will be granted for free upon gaining levels. (You still get the normal ones granted by class, race, INT, etc.).
Include a Character Bio as soon as possible. Also, include where you spent your free skill points.

Starting City: Port Nelson

Take a look at the wiki for more information.

Also, The Pathfinder RPG has a lot of useful upgrades on existing D&D rules.

Eventually all D&D material will be replaced with my own material. I will notify all players of any changes made that directly affect their characters and the game.

All actual gameplay will take place on This Forum which is also being used as the drawing board for real Electric Paper rules.

Home Page

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